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PoeTea Tuesday!


When day awakes,
dawn would have brought renewal

And when she awakens,
Dawn will be new

This is my night affirmation when I end a stressful day.

The morning is new and so should be you. It is a day of moving forward, another day of opportunity and endless possibilities.

Aspire to Inspire!

Whichever flower you choose to be BLOOM!

Dawn the Poet

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© The future will come tomorrow with or without your plan of action to make a change for brighter days. Therefore, you must decide if you will begin the journey to live out your dreams going forward; or continue to set there daydreaming about the possibilities of what fulfilling your dreams could bring.

-Dawn Dean

Aspire to Inspire!

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Happy Black History Month!

Someone asked me the other day. Why should we be happy and settle on celebrating black history month once a year? I understood their question. Why isn’t black history talked about more often publicly? Why do we wait for our children school’s to touch on the topic once a year? Only sharing the stories of the well known; like Rosa Park or Fredrick Douglas when there are so many other amazing stories to explore and tell. In many cases, black history is being taught by educators, who really cannot comprehend or relate-a little to what they are teaching. How could they without living in a black shell, fully experiencing the struggles of the Black American?

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To Susan (thanks from The Dean Family)


Most unwelcoming

Causing un-pleasurably dimples and lumped tissue

Therapy often kills the spirit

Yet the soul and appreciation for life,

Strengthens the heart

Tomorrow seems so un-promised

Too often than none,

Worry turns to grief,

Without notice

Regardless to its stage or type

It’s an unwelcome guest

No one gives an invitation,

No one applies

Yet it plants its seed and spreads;

Erupting life

Constantly knocking at mothers, sisters, wives and friends doors

Tearful eyes cope,

As grief eats away

Chipping, striping, children and love-ones of hope,

For those who suffer

A battle,

Requiring the world to win

Those left behind

Continue to march forward

Walking for hope


Hand in hand

Racing to save lives


Written By Dawn M. Dean

Published: The Paths of Life, Through the Eyes of Dawn

All Rights Reserved by Dawn M. Dean



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How Ever Long

How Ever Long

It may take a million wrong turns

A thousand detours

And a hundred u-turns

To reach the best life I deserve.

So today,

I will take my first steps

Knowing my journey will end,

Where I wish it to end,



Written By Dawn M. Dean

Published: The Paths of Life, Through the Eyes of Dawn

All Rights Reserved by Dawn M. Dean

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Daily Addictions

Daily Addictions

Standing in line to purchase a hot toffee coffee,

I am embraced by Congo’s drumming from above.

Upon placing my order,

I notice how many others,

stand in the long line,


to place their own order

of high priced

cup of cappuccino,

Chi with milk,

Café mocha;

French vanilla

Sounds of coffee pots cling

adding a charm to the Congo’s rhythmic pound

Cappuccino machines adds to the blend,

while musical notes bounce off the sunshine walls.

A cloud of aroma fills the packed air,

soothing those waiting

“Toffee coffee”, the brilliant caffeine maker yells,

bringing me to wrap my cool hands around the sleeved cup,

sending my tongue into a frenzy-


By Dawn M Dean (From: The Paths of Life, through the eyes of Dawn)

© All rights Reserved