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Leather or Plastic?

Self-bagging and those machines

Sisters, before I get to the leather or plastic preference. I need to vent about my bagging experience at my local grocery store. Maybe, one of you may be able to relate to my shopping frustrations.

Do you recall the days before stores converted to self-help cash registers? To supposedly make checking out quicker and easier for the consumer? But, really to save the company money, by avoiding wages?

This self-help concept is the worse invention ever deployed by companies. They have no customer service etiquette and they are way too sensitive for my liking.

Though, I do use these stress inducers, from time to time. Mostly when no one is there fighting with it or waiting in line to be teased and bullied by these sensitive machines. Or if I’m rushing to get nowhere fast, as they led one to believe, it is an express lane. Leaving you thinking, you’ll be in and out of the store in no time; because you control the amount of time it takes you to ring up your five or twenty items. NOT!

I’ve found (many times), standing in line behind someone with 30 items in their cart at checkout counter number 12. Greeted by an actual human being, who have knowledge of how the machines operate; engaging in small talk while your items are scanned and bagged. Takes the same amount of time it does to check out at a self-help register.

How? Do you really have to ask? It’s because, if each item is not placed in a bag or on the conveyor belt at a precise moment. For the manmade cashier to calculate the weight of what you’ve scanned, comparing it to what has been programed by its creator for that product actually cost. And, if it does not correlate with programming, it will send a signal to the red strobe light above, calling someone to come assist you. Only after it has asked you some million-and-one questions like: “Do you want to skip bagging or do you have your own bags? Is there anything else in your cart you would like to add?” The silliest direction I’ve gotten from one of those generic robots is “Please remove item from the bagging area!” “DO YOU WANT ME TO BAG OR NOT???” (Shouting while pulling out my hair).

And to top things off. The employee designated to patrol and control the way of the future (cashiering done by the consumers-free of charge). Are usually nowhere to be found or standing there staring at you in deep conversation with not a customer, but a fellow employee; while you’re screaming at the machine-looking crazed.

But, I will say this. After I’ve spent an extra valuable 3-5 minutes yelling at the machine and its many flaws, searching for someone to help me interpret what I want the machine to do. The employees are usually kind and apologetic and often cautious in their apportion. When they’ve realize I am ready to smash the thing in. By that time. The line is usually cascading down the bread aisle with fellow shoppers looking at me, like I’m the idiot, the operator. Until it’s their turn.

Thanks for listening/reading. Anyways.

Leather or plastic ladies?

I own the above fashionable FRAKTA IKEA plastic bag (in the photos). It was 99 cents, it’s mine and I love it! I have used this now most popular bag in the world by IKEA (thanks to Balenciaga) for of course shopping at IKEA, and yes-even grocery shopping and at small department stores as well. It can also be used as a laundry bag in a college dorm or used for recycling bottles etc.
This bag is so versatile and it straps make it carry friendly. So, I can see why Balenciaga would make one of its own and charge a whopping $2000. It’s worth it. No. Maybe not for me.
But, with so many celebrities planning on delivering babies this summer or has over the spring. The Balenciaga bag is a good alternative to a stylish diaper bag when jet setting from L.A to New York or across the world.
With its size, stylish bold color and durability. I am sure paying $2000 for the leather version, wouldn’t dent any of the current pregnant celebrity’s pockets. As for me, I’ll keep rocking the plastic. Though the Balenciaga does appear to hold more than the average tote.

Is either of these bags for you? Let me know in the comment box.

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