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ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle

When people think of spring cleaning, more-often-than-not, they prep to clean out the closet space and trash those expired foods in the kitchen cabinets. Tossing out old and scuffed shoes, pots and pans; giving away or donating ill-fitting jeans and favorite shirts they swore they’d lose weight to fit after the holidays. But it’s spring, sadly that shirt still doesn’t fit well. And some stay clear of shining or power washing the windows.

I can relate. However, spring cleaning your home is important but there’s much more to purging or throwing away worn clothes once a year to living well.

These steps in my, ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle program helps with the common activities of spring cleaning, as well, as teaches those viable areas that can enrich every aspect of life.

I must stress, it’s a little more in-depth then dropping off a bag or two at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores for a tax write-off. These tips were designed to de-clutter the mind, body, and soul (space) from my own personal experiences.

I’ve learned it takes 21 to 90 consistent days to rid oneself of bad habits and to grow from learning and implementing new ones. Let’s just say, you can’t be on a diet for three weeks then off for two weeks and except that weight is going to stay off. It is a lifestyle change! It takes practice to become the norm, the same with cleaning out bad habits.

Over the next 21 days, I will be giving away free information on the A, the B, and the C tactics I use to reboot my mind, body, and soul; permitting me to stay focus on reaching my new year’s goals (new book Cracks in the Pavement: Struggle of Butterflies). Where most have already given up and tossed their goals out the window.

I’ll share a few reasons as to why some are unable to shed those pounds and why some can’t seem to get their life’s together and other’s can.

You can! You will!
21 Day Agenda:
 7 days re-setting the MIND: Thoughts have power
 7 days re-building the BODY: How important it is
 7 days re-energizing the SOUL(SPACE): What matters most

Don’t Give Up…

Why give up on your dreams. Life can be difficult to maneuver through, but we weren’t designed to give up. We were born to WIN!

Aspire to Inspire!

Sisters Like Us WIN!

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It’s My Birthday!!!

It’s Bday and from the great mind and vocals of Nina Simone (Feeling Good),

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good.”

Yes, I am!

This is my year! Is it yours? Say it with me sisters: YES, IT IS!!!

I am celebrating the year before the big 50 with a cupcake, friends, and family, and with a better understanding of the concept health is wealth.

When I say health is wealth. I’m not referring to monetary wealth. No, I’m talking about the energy gained from exercising the mind, body, and spirit (soul), the freedom that comes from connecting oneself with the joyful things life offers naturally like the sun, stars, and the ground we walk on. The many joys of just living in the moment, every milestone, every detour and obstacle handed us.

I’ve come to accept each day with gratitude (the good and the bad) in faith knowing everything will be turn out the way it was designed-alright. No, better than alright-awesome.

But wait
Don’t get me wrong. I do take moments for anger (just a minute or two) when an unexpected monkey wrench is thrown on my path or in my daily plans. But, I only take a moment and regroup because I don’t wish to waste precious time on things beyond my control.

So, what I do? I exhale the issue, breathing in and accepting Gods change in my coordinates. Because after all, he is the captain of this vessel-me.

I’m going to celebrate this day and each day, happy in every second of it.

Aspire to Inspire!


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Back to School

So many parents’ mothers in particular look forward to their children returning, back to school.

Though shopping for back-to-school clothing and supplies can be daunting. Searching for the best deals, comparing prices and let’s not forget about the long lines. It can truly be taxing.

I, myself; who no longer have to school shop each year (adult kids), loves back to school time.

I had never noticed all the great home items available during this time. After all my attention then was on what my children needs were for school, walking the crowded malls etc. not on home decorations. But now, I shop the large home department stores, looking for the newest designs in décor.

These stores pack their selves with fresh inventory for the home office, and cool stuff for those children heading off to college and more. Not only for back to school, it is also their change of season time, fall. I find this the best time to shop for home decorations, starting in July on through September. However, if you’re looking for a really great time to shop for home accessories deals, and is on a tight budget. Wait until the end of September and thereafter, where items are marked down because the winter season is approaching when they have to make room for newer product (holidays). The only problem with doing so: are low inventory, picked over merchandise and broken or chipped items. But don’t over look broken or chipped items, they may be a great piece for your space and sometimes can be fixed, and are usually significantly discounted.