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Reflecting Back (2016)

As I walked my neighborhood; taking in the wintery smells circulating in windy air and changes of the once full trees. I began to reflect back over this 2016 year that quickly passed. This year flew by like the airplane above my head, swiftly passing by.
Frantic, I begin asking myself questions: Where did all the time go? What have I accomplished this year? Were any of my goals met? Starting at the beginning of the year- January; I would have to say no. I did not accomplish everything that I had planned to check off my list of “things to do” in 2016. I did succeed and accomplish many things this year, but, the most important things anyhow; to lose weight and change bad eating habits. I failed big time.
If you look at one of my first posting under My Health Journey, titled: The Weight, you’ll read how poor I’ve stuck with my yearly weight resolutions. Bad habits are hard to break, especially when it comes to getting fit and healthy. It is a lifestyle, a mind-set, not a diet plan. Diets, I’ve noticed for me anyways are temporary fixes for a short term goal (a short time). Not saying dieting is bad. If it works for you- kudos, for me I believe changing my mind-set about foods, will eventually transform my body, as well as, my spirit.
During my walk, I realized, I have put more emphasis on my outside appearance, i.e. my figure, instead of focusing on my overall well-being where it truly counts for a strong mind, body and soul. So, this forth coming year (2017) I am switching gears and my focus on a healthier interior, in which, I am sure will exude to my exterior.
I can do it and I will do it in 2017. I am making a promise to myself and family.
I hope you reach for the stars this New Year coming, catching one, and shine brightly.

Best Wishes!

Dawn M. Dean
Founder and Creative Director
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