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Decked and Inviting

It’s time to prep for visitors
You have decluttered your mind and begun to detoxify your body. You are now re-energized and ready to create a cozy space that will evoke warm emotions in the soul.

Let’s transform that once cluttered catch-all room into a usable office/guest room?

If the room is small, invest in a Murphy bed desk. They are compacted, functional, and stores away nicely when not being used by guest. With an array of sizes and styles to choose from this bed/desk combo is ideal for a small room.

Welcome guest
Knock their socks off. Make them feel like they are staying at a luxurious hotel but with the comforts of home. Layer with texture to make the room inviting.

Start with clean bedding, two fluffy pillows, a blanket or a faux fur throw at the foot of the bed. Provide them with seating (chair or bench) and task lighting for reading and a charging station for a laptop and cell phone.

The closet should be stocked with hangers, bath towels (if there is no private guest bathroom) and extra linens.
If you are using the closet for extra storage space (not if you’ve decluttered) place nightstands on either side of the bed that has drawers or add baskets to an open bedside table to allow for unpacking and storing items.

Extend your holiday decorations into the room. Hanging a wreathe over the headboard will not only give the room warmth but emphasize the architectural elements of the room. A pretty centerpiece placed in the center a dresser lets guest know you put thought into preparing for their stay. Strategically place scented candles throughout and seasonal room sprays will freshen up any small room or a guest bathroom.

Leave a good impression
Make them feel at home from beginning to end. Leaving them wanting to spend more time in your home by with a lasting impression.

Do this by creating gift baskets full of chocolate and nuts; teas and coffee (include a mug), add a handwritten card, a favorite wine or a bottle of sparkling cider for those non-drinkers (with a pair of wine glasses). The basket can be left on the bed for visitors to receive upon their arrival or given at the time of their departure.

Don’t know where to start?
Begin with your guest’s favorite travel destinations or a place they hope to see.
Is your little sister dreaming of seeing Paris? Think Paris when choosing items to stuff her basket. If your brother is a tech junkie think electronic gadgets, or maybe your friends are new wine connoisseurs or inspiring cooks. Finding a unique corkscrew or a fun wine topper can be a great conversation piece.

Having family and friends come to town is exciting and a time to create new memories and a photo album is an excellent gift idea to collect shared time.

Sisters! Enjoy the holidays this year and have fun designing your space. Don’t over think or stress for the room to be perfect. Shabby is chic! And besides, your invitees are coming to spend time with you, not in your guest room.

Aspire to Inspire!