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EARLY BIRDS CATCHES THE WORM: Morning Habits Coffee or Tea?

The early bird catches the worm with coffee or tea?

There is no doubt in my mind that we have all heard that saying, the early bird catches the worm? But before we continue with my choice of caffeine. I want to give you full disclosure.

Full disclosure: This is an affiliate program post with Amazon. Clicking on the links below will result in commission to the writer of

Still interested? Read more on about my grandmother’s morning habits and how I self-power my day and self-care.

Getting out of bed by 5 am is supposedly one of the best habits to practice if you want to win. And I can attest to getting a lot more done when I rise early.

My grandma, deceased now, was a retired factory worker who used to rise before the sun had time to tuck the moon to sleep.

She spent early mornings cleaning her house each day, and a cup of joe (coffee) was her jump-starter.

Early bird preference

Growing up in grandmas house, I witness how much could be accomplished in a day rising with the birds. She would be up before the sun had time to peek through the rolling clouds and be finished cleaning before the sun reached noon temperatures.

By 10 am she had swept her house: yes, and with a broom, baked biscuits from scratch, scrambled cheese-eggs, fried okra, and fish; washed, and hung clothes on the clothesline out back, washed dishes, and dusted her tables and knick-knacks.

During the summer months when I slept in, I would awake to find grandma catching a breath on her swept front porch with a second cup of coffee, enjoying the Ohio summer air before her scheduled soap operas started at twelve.

She owned one of those then-popular Kirby heavy-duty vacuum cleaners but preferred cleaning her main rooms of wall-to-wall carpet floors with a bucket of hot water and a straw broom. I like to think this was her way of working out her arms or working out stress but more likely, it was just how her generation grew up cleaning and perhaps reminded her of a time.

Unlike grandma

Personally, I’m a tea kind of girl. I enjoy ice coffee from time to time but, unlike grandma. I love the taste of herbal and spice tea: hot or cold.

I recently found this organic probiotic kombucha tea brand, Brew Dr. on Amazon, and have fallen in love with its flavorful taste and health benefits.

It is a chilled tea because of its active probiotics (must keep refrigerated). It comes in a dark glass bottle, unlike some tea brands that would otherwise be great tasting teas if you could not taste or smell the plastic bottles, they are packaged in.

Being a diabetic, I don’t feel guilty about opening a bottle of Brew Dr. Kombucha tea. Unlike some brands, I feel as though I am drinking sugar water.

Brew Dr. tea taste like the ingredients listed on the front of the bottles. You can open a bottle and taste the ginger and turmeric or and be able to pronounce the ingredients on the back. We all know what ginger and turmeric are and taste like, right?

Though I am not a huge coffee drinker, I know it is someone’s morning and afternoon preference booster: and I am not knocking it. But I am reaching for a good herbal tea filled with many health benefits.

(see video @sisterslikeuswin Instagram Reels)

I grab the Brew Dr. Island Mango tea when I need to rejuvenate or self-caring. The ginger is refreshing, and it is a way I support my gut health where a large part of our immune system is. I do, however, want to suggest talking to your doctor before ingesting any type of probiotics if you are taking medications. Some herbs and spices could interfere with prescribed medicines.

If you are looking for a new way to drink tea (#whatmug), click the link below, and leave a comment to let me know which is your favorite flavor.


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ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle

When people think of spring cleaning, more-often-than-not, they prep to clean out the closet space and trash those expired foods in the kitchen cabinets. Tossing out old and scuffed shoes, pots and pans; giving away or donating ill-fitting jeans and favorite shirts they swore they’d lose weight to fit after the holidays. But it’s spring, sadly that shirt still doesn’t fit well. And some stay clear of shining or power washing the windows.

I can relate. However, spring cleaning your home is important but there’s much more to purging or throwing away worn clothes once a year to living well.

These steps in my, ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle program helps with the common activities of spring cleaning, as well, as teaches those viable areas that can enrich every aspect of life.

I must stress, it’s a little more in-depth then dropping off a bag or two at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores for a tax write-off. These tips were designed to de-clutter the mind, body, and soul (space) from my own personal experiences.

I’ve learned it takes 21 to 90 consistent days to rid oneself of bad habits and to grow from learning and implementing new ones. Let’s just say, you can’t be on a diet for three weeks then off for two weeks and except that weight is going to stay off. It is a lifestyle change! It takes practice to become the norm, the same with cleaning out bad habits.

Over the next 21 days, I will be giving away free information on the A, the B, and the C tactics I use to reboot my mind, body, and soul; permitting me to stay focus on reaching my new year’s goals (new book Cracks in the Pavement: Struggle of Butterflies). Where most have already given up and tossed their goals out the window.

I’ll share a few reasons as to why some are unable to shed those pounds and why some can’t seem to get their life’s together and other’s can.

You can! You will!
21 Day Agenda:
 7 days re-setting the MIND: Thoughts have power
 7 days re-building the BODY: How important it is
 7 days re-energizing the SOUL(SPACE): What matters most

Don’t Give Up…

Why give up on your dreams. Life can be difficult to maneuver through, but we weren’t designed to give up. We were born to WIN!

Aspire to Inspire!

Sisters Like Us WIN!

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Decked and Inviting

It’s time to prep for visitors
You have decluttered your mind and begun to detoxify your body. You are now re-energized and ready to create a cozy space that will evoke warm emotions in the soul.

Let’s transform that once cluttered catch-all room into a usable office/guest room?

If the room is small, invest in a Murphy bed desk. They are compacted, functional, and stores away nicely when not being used by guest. With an array of sizes and styles to choose from this bed/desk combo is ideal for a small room.

Welcome guest
Knock their socks off. Make them feel like they are staying at a luxurious hotel but with the comforts of home. Layer with texture to make the room inviting.

Start with clean bedding, two fluffy pillows, a blanket or a faux fur throw at the foot of the bed. Provide them with seating (chair or bench) and task lighting for reading and a charging station for a laptop and cell phone.

The closet should be stocked with hangers, bath towels (if there is no private guest bathroom) and extra linens.
If you are using the closet for extra storage space (not if you’ve decluttered) place nightstands on either side of the bed that has drawers or add baskets to an open bedside table to allow for unpacking and storing items.

Extend your holiday decorations into the room. Hanging a wreathe over the headboard will not only give the room warmth but emphasize the architectural elements of the room. A pretty centerpiece placed in the center a dresser lets guest know you put thought into preparing for their stay. Strategically place scented candles throughout and seasonal room sprays will freshen up any small room or a guest bathroom.

Leave a good impression
Make them feel at home from beginning to end. Leaving them wanting to spend more time in your home by with a lasting impression.

Do this by creating gift baskets full of chocolate and nuts; teas and coffee (include a mug), add a handwritten card, a favorite wine or a bottle of sparkling cider for those non-drinkers (with a pair of wine glasses). The basket can be left on the bed for visitors to receive upon their arrival or given at the time of their departure.

Don’t know where to start?
Begin with your guest’s favorite travel destinations or a place they hope to see.
Is your little sister dreaming of seeing Paris? Think Paris when choosing items to stuff her basket. If your brother is a tech junkie think electronic gadgets, or maybe your friends are new wine connoisseurs or inspiring cooks. Finding a unique corkscrew or a fun wine topper can be a great conversation piece.

Having family and friends come to town is exciting and a time to create new memories and a photo album is an excellent gift idea to collect shared time.

Sisters! Enjoy the holidays this year and have fun designing your space. Don’t over think or stress for the room to be perfect. Shabby is chic! And besides, your invitees are coming to spend time with you, not in your guest room.

Aspire to Inspire!