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What’s on the Menu?

Is your mouth-watering counting down the days to grub-chow down on a delicious Thanksgiving meal?

What’s on your menu? And I’m not referring to the fried turkey and gravy. No, I mean, what are you most grateful for this year you will be carrying into 2019 or may want to take off the menu?

What are some areas you could improve on? How do you plan to make next year better than this year?

There are a few things from this 2018 year I plan on taking into 2019 and beyond.

I’ve learned some smart and effective ways to help keep my stomach from looking bloated and made great health changes. The secret ladies are ginger root, flaxseed, and chia seeds.

Steep peeled ginger root to make a tea, (use a garlic press to release the flavors), place in boiling water and drink as is or add it to a cup of green or black tea.

As for flaxseed and chia seeds, I sprinkle a tablespoon on my salads and into my smoothies. These seeds are loaded with fiber and keep the digestive system moving.

Recipe for Success: Dream it. Plan it. Achieve it.

I know, some of you may be saying, “Can we get through the holidays before discussing new year’s resolutions. And the answer is yes, but why wait to start dreaming or improving on life?

One should always be learning and striving for change, if not for ourselves, maybe for someone else.

Having been a big procrastinator myself, I’ve learned a huge lesson from my daughter and her new husband this year.

They got engaged in February and set a goal to get married out-of-state in September. They had a dream, planned, and executed.

And when I say they knocked it out of the park, it was a home run; one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen (my son’s wedding was beautiful as well). But to plan an out-of-town wedding in eight months was not only impressive, but it was also inspiring. They had a goal to WIN and won!

So, sisters, while munching on that piece of chocolate cake and pumpkin or sweet potato pie, jot down a few goals for the new year and start planning your menu.

Pull together the necessary ingredients to create the meal (life) you want to make, bring it to the table to share with all its trimmings, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Remember, sisters like us win.

Aspire to Inspire!

Dawn M. Dean

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