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It’s My Birthday!!!

It’s Bday and from the great mind and vocals of Nina Simone (Feeling Good),

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good.”

Yes, I am!

This is my year! Is it yours? Say it with me sisters: YES, IT IS!!!

I am celebrating the year before the big 50 with a cupcake, friends, and family, and with a better understanding of the concept health is wealth.

When I say health is wealth. I’m not referring to monetary wealth. No, I’m talking about the energy gained from exercising the mind, body, and spirit (soul), the freedom that comes from connecting oneself with the joyful things life offers naturally like the sun, stars, and the ground we walk on. The many joys of just living in the moment, every milestone, every detour and obstacle handed us.

I’ve come to accept each day with gratitude (the good and the bad) in faith knowing everything will be turn out the way it was designed-alright. No, better than alright-awesome.

But wait
Don’t get me wrong. I do take moments for anger (just a minute or two) when an unexpected monkey wrench is thrown on my path or in my daily plans. But, I only take a moment and regroup because I don’t wish to waste precious time on things beyond my control.

So, what I do? I exhale the issue, breathing in and accepting Gods change in my coordinates. Because after all, he is the captain of this vessel-me.

I’m going to celebrate this day and each day, happy in every second of it.

Aspire to Inspire!