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Rattan Furniture: Beyond Coastal Living

Beyond Coastal Living.

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Rattan, cane, and wicker furniture are not just for beachfront or resort living anymore.

These beautiful and natural materials started making a comeback hitting cities and the burbs dwellings in 2019, lending a light and airy feel to many homes.

Popular more so today due to many having to work from the dining room table and homeschooling. These products not only offer functionality but brings nature indoors.

This material goes back centuries, fading in and out in interior fashion though it has been widely used in coastal and resort décor.

Light in weight, cane furniture is made from the rattan tree, where approximately 70% is grown in Indonesia. Other countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh grow and supply rattan trees as well.

How Sweet the Cane: Rattan, Cane, and Wicker Furniture.

How sweet cane is? Like most accent pieces, versatility is a plus. Rattan accents and wall art offers the same versatilities with the benefit of being raw and natural-looking. Larger pieces like beds, chairs, and tables are adhered to other woods or metals to give them durability.

Not to be mistaken for sugar cane. The rattan tree is a stainable plant much like the bamboo tree. The woven wicker appearance and cane furniture’s are created using the same rattan tree simply, using a different method in the weaving process separates their look and feel.

Thinking Back

When I think of rattan furniture, I think back to the hilarious 80’s hit TV show Golden Girls, where four women (including Betty White) retires in the sunshine state of Florida.

Cohabitating, the Golden Girls rattan, bold and floral cushions set the stage of their living room filmed at Walt Disney from season 2 until the last episode aired in 1992. The first season was filmed in Los Angeles, where these aging women brought viewers to tears with their gut-boosting and witty punch lines.

Today, updated florals and print pallets in pastels, greens, and blues mimic the same 80’s aesthetics paired with new and old abstract blonde and expresso-stained cane and rattan pieces from headboards, dining tables, and chairs, plant holders, and wall décor to name a few.

Like plants, rattan furniture brings a natural element and warmth to any room especially, when many of us are operating from home for health safety.

If you are not sure if this interior trend suits you, try adding a planter or small table to see if this natural element could bring nature into your home décor.

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Look What I Found!!!

I can’t believe what I found!  A bookshelf at my local thrift store for only $10. I found it in its original packaging.  I had only peaked in on one end of the box. Thinking I was buying a floating shelf when I saw it in the store. If you know IKEA products, you know they don’t exactly put pictures of the items on their boxes. So it was a surprise when I opened the box at home to find a bunch of little pieces instead of one long single shelf. However, I found a great place for it in my home office to display some of my many books and photos.

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Don’t call it a comeback…

Wallpaper that is, it’s an alternative way of decorating the walls. Wallpaper has been around for decades, fading in and out with trends. But here recently it has been replacing the same old paint colors. It has so many options to choose from and in multiple style variations and finishes.

At one time, apartment dwellers (unless you owned yours) shied away for putting wallpaper on their apartment walls without permission of the landlord; where in most cases had to be removed upon ending the lease agreement. But, today, companies are offering new and exciting products like decals and removable wall coverings. A renter can now jazz up their naked, white walls with easy removal wallpaper.

These products can be used by homeowners the same. If you, are hesitated to plaster your walls with the more permanent types of paper, in fears you may not like it once applied. Try removable wallpaper first and live with it for awhile before making a commitment. You may just end up liking it.

Written By Dawn M. Dean