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Inspiration: Feeding Your Mind Junk?

Feeding the Mind and Thoughts

Are You Feeding Your Mind Junk?

We have all heard that phrase, “You are what you eat.” True of our brains. We input junk; we output junk.

Should one consume four donut holes every morning with their morning joe (coffee), overtime eating four donuts every day will develop into extra pounds on the hips or rolls around the waistline (without a balanced diet and exercise).

The same can be said feeding our brains garbage. If one spends time strolling social media feeds, intaking unbeneficial content, eventually junk will show on the outside. Through our accomplishments (unproductive), actions (habits), words (communication), and way of thinking (self-thoughts or view our circumstances).

If calories are to spent on strolling social media feeds or binge-watching TV, slip a few encouraging or challenging options into your daily mix that simulates your creativity or inspires you to be less than a couch potato. Inevitably a stack of potatoes turns to mush but mindfully feeding and challenging the brain keeps our minds healthy and sharp.

Self-help Book

What to Feed the Brain

To feed the brain, to grow and rid self of bad habits, try watching self-help tutorial videos like TED Talks and Sisters Like Us Win to transform your thought process to win or, get a copy of my book Cracks in the Pavement 2: Butterfly Effects to start the journey of healing. I have personally learned many techniques on how to be mindful of my thoughts and how it affects our overall well being.

By watching these types videos I have little to no negative thoughts throughout the day and I do not give much attention to my daily body aches and pains. I set a goal to achieve for the day and push through taking breaks when needed.

But in those moments when I do begin to doubt, I am mindful it is occurring and quickly change the negative narrative to positive one by thinking of how far I have come, my trust in God, and faith in my capabilities to achieve more.

Sisters, I hope this dose of inspiration nourishes you and remember, Whichever flower you choose to be BLOOM!

©Dawn Dean-Sisters Like Us
Dose of Inspiration: I will not feed my brain junk but nourishments that birth life!

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inspiring-dreamsToday, September 20, 2016, marks the official launch day for Sisters like Us (SLU), a blog community of sisterhood.

I’ve been anticipating this day for many years (10+) now. Yes, you read right. For over ten years, I annually paid my renewal fees, to keep and own the domain name:

Originally, I had one ideal for the use of the name, to later changing and modifying this baby into something entirely different.

My goal for SLU is to read more like an online magazine that inspires women to be the best woman they can possibly be, at any age. Here at SLU, you will find everything from home design, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, and so much more.

Sharing my own life experiences, and career expertise’s in home design, health and fitness struggles, as well as, the life stories of great women, I have met along the way and awesome women I hope to meet on this journey.

To be honest, blogging about my personal life is somewhat scary, seeing how private and reserve I am (most of the time). But I’ve put on my amour and is standing on the edge of life, hoping to help someone (women) who may be going through a situation that I’ve survived. Through sharing and giving advice to those in need of help to get through, what can seem impossible while in the storm.

Welcome Sisters!

Dawn M. Dean