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What? How? Why?

Welcome to Sisters Like Us…Where We Win!

Hello! I’m Dawn Dean, the personality and author behind (SLUWiN), and the author of Cracks in the Pavement: Struggles of Butterflies. Follow along to see what, how and why I created this spot to express my creative side while encouraging others to win.

Q: What is
A: is a platform created to inspire women, and men to win.

Q: How?
A: It inspires women and men to win by encouraging and demonstrating how a positive mind, a healthy body, and the conscious awareness of the spirit-soul(being), presence within each of us connects to help us thrive. The soul for me is our surroundings i.e. our home, the company we keep, and nature.

Q: Why did I create
A: I created out of chaos, a need to vent, then realizing I wasn’t alone and others could benefit from my stories of life’s ups and downs.

The Story behind the Why.

In the late 90’s I was living a happy life before my body would show me just how important one’s health truly is.

A single mother of three, thriving as a manager at a large well-known department store without a degree under my belt (only college credits).
I was a hard worker striving to become a buyer for the May company. But physical pain setup camp never to dismantle.

I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia. I dreaded a career change, but the agonizing pain left no options.

I would soon find myself setting behind a desk but I loved working retail and meeting new people every day. For a period I worked full-time as a Staffing Manager at a temporary agency and for a short time as an Executive Assistance at a public relation firm (PR) before landing a job at a pharmaceutical association.

After two-and-a-half years working in the membership and marketing department, my health seriously declines. Losing the job meant losing health insurance and the means to provide for my growing children. I gave up.

Being what I call a functional depressive for as long as I could remember, I would succumb to the dark side of depression. Unable to bear the loss of my health; job, family members, and friends. I could no longer function even a little bit without putting on the pretend mask; a smiling mask to hide all my pain.

It would take me seven years before I would seek professional help.
Fortunately I found a great therapist who saw me-Dawn; the loving mother, the creative writer and poet, and the compassionate and helpful woman buried beneath life’s debris.

She helped me reignite the flickering flame burning deep within wanting to resurface. She helped me to visualize a life beyond my adversities (Thank you, Denise!).

After many years visiting her-therapist and her eventually retiring. I took what she had relayed, unveiled and the things she saw in me to push past my setbacks.

I came to understand and accept that my emotional and physical pain was God’s way of forcing me to live in my true purpose–to tell my stories.
Though I had had my own life goals mapped out (but also loved writing). He had bigger plans for me.

And so my pain would form the blossoming of Where We Win! Designed to help others overcome life’s adversities in order to WIN.

Everyone has a story. How are you using yours? I’m telling mine’s to inspire others.

I hope each post will uplift and encourage your growth in some way

Thank you for subscribing to and following our growth to win.

Aspire to Inspire!
Dawn Dean

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ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle

When people think of spring cleaning, more-often-than-not, they prep to clean out the closet space and trash those expired foods in the kitchen cabinets. Tossing out old and scuffed shoes, pots and pans; giving away or donating ill-fitting jeans and favorite shirts they swore they’d lose weight to fit after the holidays. But it’s spring, sadly that shirt still doesn’t fit well. And some stay clear of shining or power washing the windows.

I can relate. However, spring cleaning your home is important but there’s much more to purging or throwing away worn clothes once a year to living well.

These steps in my, ABC’s of Spring Cleansing: Jump Start to a Zealous Lifestyle program helps with the common activities of spring cleaning, as well, as teaches those viable areas that can enrich every aspect of life.

I must stress, it’s a little more in-depth then dropping off a bag or two at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores for a tax write-off. These tips were designed to de-clutter the mind, body, and soul (space) from my own personal experiences.

I’ve learned it takes 21 to 90 consistent days to rid oneself of bad habits and to grow from learning and implementing new ones. Let’s just say, you can’t be on a diet for three weeks then off for two weeks and except that weight is going to stay off. It is a lifestyle change! It takes practice to become the norm, the same with cleaning out bad habits.

Over the next 21 days, I will be giving away free information on the A, the B, and the C tactics I use to reboot my mind, body, and soul; permitting me to stay focus on reaching my new year’s goals (new book Cracks in the Pavement: Struggle of Butterflies). Where most have already given up and tossed their goals out the window.

I’ll share a few reasons as to why some are unable to shed those pounds and why some can’t seem to get their life’s together and other’s can.

You can! You will!
21 Day Agenda:
 7 days re-setting the MIND: Thoughts have power
 7 days re-building the BODY: How important it is
 7 days re-energizing the SOUL(SPACE): What matters most

Don’t Give Up…

Why give up on your dreams. Life can be difficult to maneuver through, but we weren’t designed to give up. We were born to WIN!

Aspire to Inspire!

Sisters Like Us WIN!

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Meet Angie Lee Fitness and Health Trainer

Who is Angie Lee?

Have you heard? Health is the new Wealth! It is true. Without good health, dreams can be difficult to make possible. And I, know this all too well from living with an illness (fibromyalgia) for over 20+ years.

Angie Lee, who lives in the Northern Virginia area (DMV) is a wife and mother first, with one of her children living with autism. Because of this she knows and understands the importance of good health and the possibilities of it. Secondly, she is a passionate, health and fitness trainer who whips women into their idea shape; helping them to reach their weight goals.

Sister’s like Us (SLU) caught up with Angie Lee, where she took the time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

SLU: With fall weather fast approaching and soon holidays. Can you give some tips on how to stay fit during the fall and winter months?

AL: Always eat breakfast! Breakfast is fuel for the mind as well as the body! If you don’t eat breakfast, you will most likely overeat later on in the day.

SLU: What foods are best to shy away from or completely avoid and why?

AL: I know this is hard to hear, but fried foods. I know it’s hard to go cold turkey (literally and figuratively) she giggles, but at least try to cut back on the fried foods. Any effort is better than no effort.

SLU: What are some healthier options?

AL: Instead of frying your fries. Put them on a pan and bake them, Leave them in long enough so they will be crispy; even better, try sweet potatoes. Also, invest in an indoor stovetop grill where you can grill fish, chicken and, veggies. Add spices for flavor like: cinnamon, thyme, rosemary; ginger. They’re so many options!

SLU: What area (s) should most women focus on and why?

AL: I know this is easier said than done, but most women need to love themselves everyday as they are now. Once you get the mental down the physical part will follow. Take at least 10 minutes a day to focus on you. I am working on some ten minute workouts that you can do daily, and at any time of day. Get it in when you can!

SLU: The question every woman wants to know. What is the best exercise or health food to burn belly fat? Possible photo

AL: Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! It doesn’t have to be extreme cardio you could just go walking daily, and being consistent. Start somewhere—anywhere! Because in order to see the muscle; you have to burn the fat first.

SLU: What benefits are there in walking? And for how long of a walk?

AL: Walking is great, and it is free. You need no equipment, just a good pair of shoes and can be done anywhere. I would say ideally, 30 minutes a day, but any minutes are better than no minutes. You can walk in place in your house, put on some music, and make it fun! Watch yourself in the mirror for proper formation, and sing along to music. I’m all about the fun!

SLU: What are the pros and cons of running?

AL: Running is an awesome anti-depressant. It releases the “happy hormones,” endorphins. It also, burns a ton of calories quickly. However, it is can be hard on the joints in the legs, and knees, with a greater risk of injury. Always wear good running shoes, and listen to your body. It will talk to you!

SLU: Can you really lose weight dieting? If so how?

AL: I don’t like diets! They make you feel deprived. Or they work while you’re on them, then you go back to bad habits. Fitness is a lifestyle! If someone says you can’t have it, you will just want it more! Eat everything in moderation, and in appropriate portions.

SLU: How can a sister get in contact with you?

AL: I can be reached at:

Also my website has links to all my contact info.


Thanks Angie Lee for sharing your expertise’s with SLU!

Thank you, and be your best you!