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It’s My Birthday!!!

It’s Bday and from the great mind and vocals of Nina Simone (Feeling Good),

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good.”

Yes, I am!

This is my year! Is it yours? Say it with me sisters: YES, IT IS!!!

I am celebrating the year before the big 50 with a cupcake, friends, and family, and with a better understanding of the concept health is wealth.

When I say health is wealth. I’m not referring to monetary wealth. No, I’m talking about the energy gained from exercising the mind, body, and spirit (soul), the freedom that comes from connecting oneself with the joyful things life offers naturally like the sun, stars, and the ground we walk on. The many joys of just living in the moment, every milestone, every detour and obstacle handed us.

I’ve come to accept each day with gratitude (the good and the bad) in faith knowing everything will be turn out the way it was designed-alright. No, better than alright-awesome.

But wait
Don’t get me wrong. I do take moments for anger (just a minute or two) when an unexpected monkey wrench is thrown on my path or in my daily plans. But, I only take a moment and regroup because I don’t wish to waste precious time on things beyond my control.

So, what I do? I exhale the issue, breathing in and accepting Gods change in my coordinates. Because after all, he is the captain of this vessel-me.

I’m going to celebrate this day and each day, happy in every second of it.

Aspire to Inspire!


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My Elders: What they forgot to share

I am thankful, to be aware of my family’s health history.

Comprised, 80% of women, who have shared information about breast, and ovarian cancer; diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses.

Yet, I was disheartened to learn, that my elders; grandmother, mother, also my aunts. Neglected to share the changes that come with women aging. I’m referring to perimenopause.

The Struggle
I’ve suffered from reproductive issues; like fibroids and cysts, to name a few. So, my menstrual varied each month. I was delighted when they began to come less often. What I was not excited about are the mood swings, low energy, poor concentration and the sweat baths.

Struggling, getting a good night’s sleep, due to pain. And, taking sleeping aids, switching to 100 % cotton sheets from Egyptian (contains polyester materials). My nights became a total nightmare. Nightly visits from Freddy Krueger (Elm Street), tearing off blankets; putting them back on, one leg in-one leg out, horribly tossing and turning. It was like I was being trained by Mr. Miyagi (original Karate Kid) while I slept. Loosing very little weight, and gaining nothing, but stress.

The Surprise
Over time, the hot flashes decreased, with fewer periods. My gynecologist suggests using black cohosh (more info here). I had used black cohosh tea, for past issues. Eventually, with diet change, and fewer visits, my sleep increased and I begin to feel better.

For nine months, things were great. With no menstrual cycle, I had worn, more white pants, and shorts then I have my entire lifetime. Until I received a surprise gift-spotting. Yes, it came back! The first month was scary. Remembering a conversation with my mother, stating spotting after gone through menopause. A sign of a possible problem, like ovarian cancer, she was sadly diagnosed having.

Worries End and Sharing
I stopped worrying if the spotting (turned period) could be cancerous when Freddy showed up in the middle of a sweet dream. Angry, having to deal with the most unpleasant and frequently hot flashes popping up at any moment. I was furious.

But, I’ve gotten over being disappointed with my relatives not sharing their personal experiences with perimenopause. I’ve found courageous women on the internet, sharing their menopausal journey. A trip, we as women, will travel at some point in our lives. Take heed sisters! This is your warning.

My Conclusion
Sisters, my opinion on premenopausal is this. It has its pluses and minuses. Trading in painful cramps, for hot flashes, periods showing up, interfering with life; for white jeans; and less bloating to looking great. Adjusting to summers are difficult, so learn to appreciate cotton clothing. It’s a natural material, that breathes.

Aspire to Inspire!

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