DAWN DEAN the Author

Dawn Dean is an exploratory writer with a heart for poetry.

Her life purpose is to compose words that entertain, encourage, and equip others with the tools to discover their POWER.

She has authored five books: A GARDEN OF WORDS Poetically Grown, The Monster You Created, and a series that includes: Cracks in the Pavement: Struggles of Butterflies, Cracks in the Pavement 2: Butterfly Effects, and will be releasing Cracks in the Pavement 3: The Flight in 2022 as well as, the I DECIDED TO Journal (all available @amazon.com).

Besides writing books, Dawn is the creative director of the self-empowerment blog sisterslikeus.com (@sisterslikeuswin on IG). She started the blog following her bout with depression and chronic health issues. There she offers experienced and educated life tips for living a well-balanced lifestyle.

Her education and career history include business, employment staffing, retail and restaurant management, and interior design.

She is both a domestic violence survivor and a mental health advocate and supports all things surrounding physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Dawn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but has resided in Northern Virginia (#DMV) for over forty years. She spends most of her time exploring different writing genres, encouraging others, and enjoying priceless moments with her children and grandkids.