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When Life Happens: KEEP MOVING

Sorry, I’ve been gone so long my sisters, but as you know life has a way of popping up.

It is funny how things happen out of the blue; unexpected, uninvited, and most undesired.

On top of my 94-year-old, grandfather passing this May; my younger brother, 48, suffered multiple strokes.

Already rebuilding my health, Niagara Falls let loose in my closet. My closet was already in dire need of a makeover before the flood. But I wanted to tackle it when my mental space was clear from distractions.

I had been attempting to finish some of my ninety-nine DIY projects; complete two books and work on projects for friends.

I didn’t have time to be dealing with another flood issue, grieve the loss of my grandfather while trying to help my brother.

Issue after issue brought debilitating stress, hindering my creative flow.

But life happens when and how it happens. All I can do is move with it.

Aspire to Inspire!


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