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What Now?

Now that the kids are back in school. Life may have gotten a little more hectic.

Added to an already packed to-do list; assisting with homework, packing lunches, and, monitoring social activities. Even weekends are busy with the kid’s sports activities.

It’s overwhelming. Especially with others; spouse and friends are waiting in the wings for their turn.
Other’s see women as superheroes, with mutant powers. Women are the best multi-tasker’s. But, multi-tasking can be stressful.

Wash it away!

Keep in mind. Neglecting to care for yourself is, self-harming and to those around you.

Be conscientious of your own needs. Constantly doing for everyone else: will feel daunting, draining you of your super-abilities and happiness. Eventually, you may become resentful towards those around you.

We as women must learn to be mindful of our joy and the importance of it. Often, we must remind those around us, that we have desires too.

Breathe and relax.

Take a quiet moment each day to relax and reflect. Think about your goals and everything you achieved throughout the day.

Appreciate the things that make you smile. It could be a compliment someone gave you on your outfit or haircut; a funny joke a co-worker shared, or a love-one expressing how much they appreciate you sealing it with a kiss.

If only for 10 minutes per day. Find a quiet place to meditate. Closing your eyes, envisioning a serene place; taking deep breaths through the nose and exhaling the stress out the mouth. Blowing it away. The mind is focused on the present moment, with no thoughts of tomorrows duties. They’ll come when they come.

So, check me-time off your to-do list ladies.

Aspire to Inspire!

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