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Declutter and Reset

Are you wasting valuable time?
Digging through your packed closet, searching for the mate to your favorite pair of shoes? Or repurchasing items you already own? Clutter is not only time-consuming, and costly, but exhausting.

Imagine how much more time, energy and money could be spent doing things you enjoy and love if you had an organized space and mind.

Everything you own should serve a purpose and be functional. If not being utilized; toss it, donate it, or give it away to that friend who has been admiring it.

We, women, tend to overbuy and collect things, for reasons either to fill a void, validate that we’ve made it or because we just love material things.

Either way, having stuff is fun, but too much of a good thing can become toxic when it causes clutter and anxiety.

Make it easy
Declutter and reset your mind and lifestyle. Start with one room focusing only on that area until completion. Jumping from one area to the next gets nothing accomplished.

Start in the areas, that brings the most stress to your daily living. It’s usually a closet, home office or a catch-all room. Clearing out a catch-all room lends livable space, so start there.

Create zones on the floor (or boxes), label to toss, donate and give away. If you find items in good condition, consider consignment. With so many online resale sites and apps available, making a buck is easy.

Go old school
Have a yard sale! Yes, the old way still generates revenue. Check your local guidelines and home association policies beforehand and plan accordingly. Placing ads in local newspapers and on websites like Craigslist can get the word out. Make poster boards legible, cohesive (color and design) with clear directions.

Make them pump the breaks
Placing larger, in season and trendy items around the perimeter will lure folks in. Put smaller items and toys to the back, dividing into categories. Be prepared to break big bills and have loose change on hand.

Are you ready to start living a clutter-free life? Unload reusable items quickly by donating to your local thrift stores, and write it off on your income taxes. It isn’t a high return, but every cent counts.

Connect the dots
A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind affecting the body and soul. So, declutter your space and reorganize your life.

Be mindful of simplicity living. It allows time to live abundantly.

Aspire to Inspire!

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