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REV UP: Start Your Engines

Ok, we’re coming to the end of the second week of the 2018 year and I can’t help but wonder where are my sisters on their new journey?

Have you begun your journey to joy? Are you being mindfully and aware of your thoughts with positive thinking, affirmations, and meditation?

Are you finding healthier food choices or pushing your body to new limits with a new exercise routine and do not forget to schedule those important annual exams?

Also, are you decluttering your soul (space) to allow room for the lifestyle you deserve and taking time for self?

If you answered no to any of the questions, it’s ok. It’s never to late to push the go button.

Old habits are hard to break unless your blessed to have a genie in a bottle or a magic wand that can break those old spells. Understand that change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for it to stick and to become a new daily routine (habit).

Goals-life, in general, are like seasons you shed and grow at different times of your life and certain times of the year. It’s winter now, but you should have let go of some of that heavy baggage during the fall months. Winter is the time to take inventory, become aware and nurture yourself for the new you to flourish come spring.

Start your engines ladies and take off to a new you!

Don’t beat yourself up or down if you have yet to push that start now button, but slowly press the gas and start marking items off your list. Starting with the more accessible and easily attainable goals first, working your way to the bigger ones. The feeling of completing something big or small always feels great and will motivate you to accomplish more.

DO NOT make excuses for never attempting to start.

Rev up! Get your mind (wheels) spinning in the right direction and see how much traction you’ll gain by the end of the month. “Practice makes perfect.” Practice becoming a new you.

Aspire to Inspire!


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