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Red, White and You

Today, celebrate not just the independence of America, but celebrate you.

Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. All the obstacles that you’ve hurdled over, the many doors that closed, the rejections or the setbacks after having leaped three steps forwards. Though, it was difficult at that time, while going through the emotions. You pushed through it all and came out victorious.

You are still standing. Stronger than before with more wisdom and confidence in yourself, and your abilities to be whatever it is you dream to become. To live in your purpose out loud.

Be proud of jumping through hoops and rings and coming out a winner. Those accomplishments may seem small in compresence to what you are hoping to achieve big. But, small hurdles are preparing you for the finish line, pushing you to move forward and not stay glued in place.

When something terrible is happening in your life. Tell yourself: This is happening for a reason. It is to push me forward. To place me where I am supposed to be, it is where God wants me to be. Opening your eyes, heart and mind to receive the lesson in what is happening in your life.

So sisters, today, pour yourself a glass of wine, eat that piece of cake or dance the night away. Celebrate your independence in the acceptance to learn openly while becoming the best version of you. Cheers to sisters like us!

Aspire to Inspire!

Originally posted here on 7/4/2017

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