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99 Goals and Giving Up Is Not 1

It’s still early in the year to set goals and make concrete plans to take the first steps to achieve them. Honestly setting goals and making plans can start at any time and at any age.
As for me, many would say I am an over achiever. I have goals, projects and plans that could last my life time. I’ve taken steps to make each of them come to fruition, but, I need to focus on one at a time in order to get it all done.

I one night, while reflecting back on my day. Of what I had completed and what I needed to do the next day. Too often, I found myself criticizing myself about how little I achieved in the day. Instead of focusing on the great things I did accomplish. I’d beat myself up and tell myself things like “You should have gotten more done. You weren’t productive today.” Leading me to believe and think I can’t do the things I want and need to do, when I know I am capable of doing it all.

Is this you too? Let’s stop it now! We are strong beings and can do anything we set your mind to with hard work. This is called negative self talk, which sends negative vibes into the universe that will only come back to bite us in the behind later. So it must stop here and now. Only think and lets only say positive things about ourselves.

As for me, I have many goals with deadlines to meet. So I’ve learned I must encourage myself daily (all day long) to make 2017 the year I want it to be and stay focus. I make a daily list each morning and check each thing off as I complete things throughout the day. I then look at it before bed. This makes me feel good about my goals and helps me to continue on. It also helps me to envision where I want to be.

My list is constantly growing, but my many goals/projects include things like: Write eight children books (8 grandkids). Revise (add more content) and republish my first book The Paths of Life through the Eyes of Dawn, finish and publish the follow-up to the first book, write a book of poems and my own quote’s I strive to live by. I am writing a self help book and I am also working on three movie scripts.

Surprisingly, I met Actor Lamman Rucker (Greenleaf and Why Did I Get Married 1 and 2) a year and a half ago to whom I’ve been writing a movie script with him as the leading actor. I started writing it a year before meeting him. So meeting him in person gave me confirmation about what I am meant to be doing. I’m sure he thought I was an overly excited fan and I was. In fact, I was so overly excited about meeting him. I forgot to share my movie idea with him. Another movie script I am working on is written with Emma Stone (love her) from this year’s movie La La Land as the lead star. I have a short film to finish writing and the list of things to do doesn’t stop there.

I enjoy doing DIY projects as well (will detail more in the future). I have 12 large projects (ex. Loveseat, wingback chairs and ottoman to reupholster) and I keep adding to the list and adding small decorative pieces to revamp to my list. And let’s not forget my weight lose goals. In which I am working diligent at.
I won’t lie. I do get over whelmed at times by what all I want and need to do. But one thing’s for sure. I will not give up!

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