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15 Closet Essentials

These 15 essential pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe closet. Why? These key pieces can take a woman from the broad room; to a girl’s night out on the town, a dinner date with the hubby, running errands on the weekend or to the kid’s soccer game. They’ve been chosen for their versatility and year round functionality.

  1. A good pair of black trousers (matches everything)
  2. An well cut blazer (fits at the waist to show off curves)
  3. One crisp white cotton shirt (long shelve is more versatile)
  4. A pair of black pumps (heel to your preference)
  5. One tailored suit in a natural color (can be separated)
  6. A knee length skirt (appropriate for the office or play)
  7. One statement piece(s) (a necklace, earrings or bold color blouse)
  8. The little black dress (can be dressed up or down)
  9. A pair of comfy ballet flats (goes far)
  10. Well fitted stretch jeans (fitted, but comfy)
  11. A cardigan (goes along way)
  12. A tote bag (a carry all)
  13. Great undergarments ( shape wear and bra’s alleviates unwanted pumps)
  14. A good pair of leggings (for those dress down days)
  15. Comfortable sneakers (exercising or playing with the kids)
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