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You Can Bloom: De-clutter Your Mind

De-Weed Your Root System to Bloom

Deep down, underneath all the layers of debris life piles on us is our divine seed waiting to on water so that we may bloom beautifully.

What keeps us from blossoming are the weeds we consciously or unconsciously sew or have sewn into our root system, our minds.

These weeds consist of fear, doubt, and self-sabotage, leaving us to believe we are undeserving of the promises we all promised, abundance.

To bloom, we must be consciously aware when we are strangling our roots with negative thoughts. Negative thinking cuts off our creativity and the universal line (spirit) responsible for transporting our wants and desires at the time of our conception.

Nothing good comes from fear. Throughout the bible, I believe is written to teach and guide us along our life path states, “Fear No Evil” (Psalm 23:4, Isaiah 41:10, 2 Timothy 1:7).

What fear does

Fear shows a lack of faith in knowing all things work for good (Ephesians 1:11). I have come to know that all things appearing dark, unfortunate, will eventually be washed with a flood of light.

Fear also causes us to doubt ourselves, our gifts, and our abilities to create abundance. No one can save you, but you and it requires consistent tilling of weeds that tend to grow quickly and easily if we are not mindful.

De-cluttering the Mind

We sabotage ourselves when we create negative thoughts and replay them throughout the day or life; I can’t, I might fail or, the reliving past trauma. These thoughts get absorbed, embedded into our belief system; transmitted throughout our bodies, and cause a lack of effort to be made, depression, and or other health issues. Therefore, we either procrastinate doing something we dream of or become trapped underneath the hurt, unable to bloom. It is unfortunate because each of us are uniquely designed to learn for those piles of hurt to break through and become the flowers we were selected to be.

Spring Clean To Bloom

To bloom, one must remove the weeds choking the flow of abundance. Be mindful, true to one divine-self, and take the necessary steps no matter how small forward to becoming the best possible self.

Whichever flower you choose to be BLOOM!


©Dawn Dean-Sisters Like Us
Dose of Inspiration: I will not let weeds keep me from blossoming!

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