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To Susan (thanks from The Dean Family)


Most unwelcoming

Causing un-pleasurably dimples and lumped tissue

Therapy often kills the spirit

Yet the soul and appreciation for life,

Strengthens the heart

Tomorrow seems so un-promised

Too often than none,

Worry turns to grief,

Without notice

Regardless to its stage or type

It’s an unwelcome guest

No one gives an invitation,

No one applies

Yet it plants its seed and spreads;

Erupting life

Constantly knocking at mothers, sisters, wives and friends doors

Tearful eyes cope,

As grief eats away

Chipping, striping, children and love-ones of hope,

For those who suffer

A battle,

Requiring the world to win

Those left behind

Continue to march forward

Walking for hope


Hand in hand

Racing to save lives


Written By Dawn M. Dean

Published: The Paths of Life, Through the Eyes of Dawn

All Rights Reserved by Dawn M. Dean



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