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Today marks the official day of winter and boy it’s a cold one.

In my area of Washington, DC for the past few months, the weather has been warm; hot, cold then warm again. But today I believe the cold air may be sticking around in the low temperatures now its “officially winter.” LOL

What’s funny I woke up this morning so ready for spring because my bones ache so badly in the frigid months; spring is one of my favorite seasons (and fall) and from having worked retail for so long my mind is preparing for spring clothing to start lining the shelves. SMH

I guess I’ll chill and embrace each wintery day as it unfolds, sip hot chocolate or tea and countdown the 89 days until spring officially arrives.

Stay warm and cozy ladies.

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2 thoughts on “HELLO WINTER!

  1. Yes! Definitely ready for Spring. Great post!

    1. Thank you Tattiona Young! Time waits for no man. Spring will be here before we know it. Keep dreaming.

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