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I texted God the other day
Addressing the issues in the world
And like God,
He replied on His time;
in His wise words.

“I made this world in seven days.
But in the period of mankind,
man has forgotten me

Labels not only read manmade,
but their attempt to create
and control lives;
is disheartening

Know this
It is I who make all things possible for man!
And all I ask in return,
is for you to have faith in me,
and a TYG (Thank You God),
for all, I supply to my children.”

Without a thought,
I quickly replied,
OMG (Oh My God)!

Written by Dawn M. Dean
Published: The Paths of Life, through the Eyes of Dawn Book

With today’s issues, we forget to be grateful for the bad, and in the good of situations.

Gratitude should be our first focus each day of waking up, but too often we waste time complaining and trying to dictate not only what our own lives should be, but what we feel others’ lives should be.

Believe, there are lessons to learn in mankind struggles and we will never understand the why’s and should not ponder.

For instants, no one will know why the politics are going the way they are; but in my opinion, if it had gone another way, we would not be so vocal about today’s issues, some we are only now discussing openly and honestly.

When we stop trying to control people and the world God has designed (for all mankind).
The universe will over abundantly pour goodness upon the issues, putting them out like water dousing flames of a fire.

Give thanks even in today’s struggles, and remember life is what we make it!

Aspire to Inspire!

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