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Daily Addictions

Daily Addictions

Standing in line to purchase a hot toffee coffee,

I am embraced by Congo’s drumming from above.

Upon placing my order,

I notice how many others,

stand in the long line,


to place their own order

of high priced

cup of cappuccino,

Chi with milk,

Café mocha;

French vanilla

Sounds of coffee pots cling

adding a charm to the Congo’s rhythmic pound

Cappuccino machines adds to the blend,

while musical notes bounce off the sunshine walls.

A cloud of aroma fills the packed air,

soothing those waiting

“Toffee coffee”, the brilliant caffeine maker yells,

bringing me to wrap my cool hands around the sleeved cup,

sending my tongue into a frenzy-


By Dawn M Dean (From: The Paths of Life, through the eyes of Dawn)

© All rights Reserved

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