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The Serious Side of October

October is ending in a couple days, and what a month.

The month of October isn’t just for tricks and treats on Halloween; sharing superstitious stories on Friday the 13th (2017), or Christopher Columbus sailing across waters anymore.

Know this
October is fun, but also about learning on Fire Prevention Day (Oct 9th), National Mole Day (Oct 23rd), and celebrating United Nations Day (Oct 24th) and Navy Day (Oct 27th).

The Seriousness of October Awareness
October has become a more serious discussion month, bringing awareness to topics of domestic violence; diabetes, and breast cancer.

Me and my daughter at a Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure

Having have experienced domestic violence, and living with type 2 diabetes, and, losing my grandmother to breast cancer, and my mother and an aunt to ovarian cancer. October is a exciting time for me(trick or treating with the grandkids) but also, a mindful reminder to take care of me. After all, no one knows my body better than I.

October celebrates many other great things. The first week in October is Get Organized Week; great if you are planning to have family visit for the holidays.

Sharing the first week is Customer Service Week. Be kind to those cashier’s ringing your holiday purchases, and be patient with those trying to fix your online order mishap over the phone. More than likely they aren’t the person who caused your issue.

Included in the October events is, Make a Difference Day (fourth Saturday of the month). It’s a time to help other’s like; your neighbors and the elderly. Believe me, ladies. Volunteering your time and skills is self-rewarding.

Take away
Life has many distractions, but don’t get too busy where you neglect to take care of a small or large change in your body.

Discuss October awareness issues with your daughters, friends, and neighbors. Who may be suffering in silence, feeling like there is no way out of their situation. There is! Do not blame yourself and get the help you need.

Sisters remember to take time for yourself and unwind. Perform monthly breast exams, and be proactive in preventive health care. Preventive health is the best health care there is. Don’t wait for something to happen, be vigilant and your own health advocate.

October is ending, but awareness is on-going.

Aspire to Inspire!

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