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Should I?

I am attempting to age gracefully as I count down to turning that remarkable age 50 (one year from Feb 22nd).
But as I maintain my weight-loss; aging with the ticking hands of time. I’ve noticed the loss of elasticity in areas of my face and neck. My skin isn’t as firm as it was in my youthful thirties or even mid-forties.

So, now I’m asking myself the question. Should I consider having some cosmetic work done on my face?

I know they say black don’t crack, but I do wonder standing in the mirror pulling my face tightly and upwards toward my ears, asking the questions many of us sisters have asked ourselves, how much younger would I look if I had these parentheses (smile lines) filled in? Or attempt to erase my crow’s feet caused by gazing at the nurturing sun?

Perhaps you’ve asked, why would I want to freeze the facial expressions I use to communicate a point, just to slow down the natural progression of aging?

I guess the most important question I must ask is do I dare to remove a part of myself? After all, each line is a imprint left from a moment in time. Landmarks of my journey telling my story how I have smiled with joy and cried from pain.

Gas and needles?
With products lining the shelves having the cure to slow down the process of aging, dermatologists and plastic surgeons claim to have the powers to reverse the aged thin skin by using electronic devices and needles; which can prove costly and may require anesthesia.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is FDA-approved to treat headaches and chronic migraines before they start. It is also used by some to decrease sweating in armpits and to treat some eye disorders.

Botox was stumbled upon by two Vancouver doctors around 1987 who realized the toxin had a place in the billion-dollar beauty industry.

This paralyzing product has been reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping to prevent those lines from forming.

Feeling the fillers
As I stated, my parentheses have become more and more pronounced with my weight loss. But, I can’t and won’t stop smiling. LOL!!! I have too much to laugh and grin about.

Not sure if I am feeling the fillers either with the parenthesis around feeling. You know the injectable hyaluronic acid gel better known as Juvederm made by the same makers of Botox.

Can this gel really erase these almost 50-year-old smile folds from around my mouth still allowing me to smile? Or delete my wrinkles even for a short while?

Don’t know. I’ll revisit the should I question in a few years. Right now, I’m not sure if any of these magical whiteouts are for me. In the meantime, I’ll continue to wrinkle with time taking preventive measures with over-the-counter anti-aging creams and sunblock.

Honestly, I’m too afraid of getting pricked every five to six months as the Botox and fillers begin to diminish. And besides, I’ve seen a few episodes of Botched. LOL. (research products and the preforming physician for safety. are not doctors or claim to be).

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