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Don’t let Life, Suck the Life Out of You

Mental Health Awareness

Life can suck the life out of you if, you allow it.

“Life sucks,” said most of us at one point in our life. And moments can suck but, life is good and what we make of it.

How we view and handle these sucky moments determines how well we deal with other unpleasant circumstances that are sure to show up throughout our lives.
Mental Health Awareness

It is ok to take a second to knowledge something went wrong or isn’t going according to plan but, to celebrate, throw a pity party, inviting all your friends when life happens because it happens.

Not being mindful of our intentions when phoning a friend during those moments can lead to lingering emotions and a manifestation of negative thoughts that will drain energy and creativity.

So, before reaching for the phone during those sucky moments, ask yourself these questions: why am I calling this person, is it to vent (get it off your chest then move on), get advice (don’t know how to handle the situation), or to be intoxicated with sorrow by the end of the call (drag someone else in and be drunk with angry and distress), because you have replayed it over and over in your head, put it out into the universe, and now have added fuel to the fire by inviting others to the party?

Manage those sucky moments

How to handle and manage those difficult moments is by acknowledging it had happened (past tense), it hasn’t harmed or killed you, show gratitude by stating it could have been worse than then quickly go into resolution mode. Because trying to figure out what just happened or how it went wrong for too long wastes time on coming up with a solution when our emotions are involved.

We want to learn from our mistakes, controlled or uncontrolled, but I have found doing so when I am angry or upset increases unhealthy emotions and unproductive thoughts. Therefore, I do it once I have completely calmed down, sometimes hours later, to figure out what role I played at the moment gone awry and how I could have handled it differently.

Mental Health Mindfulness

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Daily Dose of Inspiration: How I perceive life’s disappointing moments is how good or bad my life will be!

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