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The Weight- Chapter Seven

As I rushed toward the thirty mark (twenty-seven) a new love developed with someone new, though I was somewhat apprehensive. I fell for the young Marine and all his flattery.

It was coming up on our second anniversary of us being together, when he made the comment ‘If you start gaining weight around your elbows. I’m going to leave you?” I laughed and thought nothing of it.

Yes, my narrow hips had widened maybe two inches, and my butt thickened and widen in portion to my hips. But, I didn’t think I had gained that much weight, to where he was no longer attracted to me.

My clothes had become a little snug and finding an outfit to wear out on our biweekly dates proved difficult at times. But, surely, I had room to gain a little weight. It was happy weight. You know the side effect of saying “I do.”

Nevertheless, the relationship ended because of his infidelities. This is when my weight issues seriously began.

To be continued…

Written by Dawn M. Dean
©All rights reserved.

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