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The Weight-Chapter Five

In the late fall of 1987, I gave birth to a beautiful seven pound boy. Though I felt some pain, the delivery was pretty easy. Perhaps it was the medication I had decided to have administered and the coaching of my wonderful mother and the pleasant nurse.

I had only gained twenty-two pounds during my pregnancy and seven of the pounds were baby, another 3-5, I guess was the placenta and fluid. So I dropped about 12 pounds just in giving birth.

My average weight stayed around 120 pounds in my early twenties and though my pelvic spread to birth a child, my hips stayed narrow. I would say I had a very low body fat percentage.

I was only 18. Three months shy of turning 19 at the time of my son’s birth, so besides the enlarged boobs from the milk dusts filling up. I was still concerned thin.

To be continued…

Written by Dawn M. Dean
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