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The Weight- Chapter Eight

With no problem attracting men. I begin to date mature (older) men. After a divorce from someone 5 years younger.

I noticed I attracted older men that appreciated my fuller figure. So, it became a preference in dating. Dismissing younger guys who approached me.

Feeling like I had failed my divorce because of weight gain. I soon realized, many women, experience weight gain after getting married.

There’s something about true love. That makes a woman so comfortable in her skin; she lets go of her own needs, to take on the needs of her life partner. And men need to understand this is the reason we may gain weight after marriage.

It’s like a side effect of saying “I do.” Vows exchanged between the love-birds state: for richer or poorer, in sickness and health. And, in my mind, that also, includes in thickness and slim.

Unfortunately, not many men understand my take on the side-effect of marriage. Perhaps using man lingo, it will sink in.

Fellows! We’re calling this cocktail, MarriedMary. It’s a mixture of happy and stress hormones (serotonin and cortisol). Warning: Can cause weight gain from the ingredients called love and new responsibilities. Men committing to this drink may gain belly fat. Women except and accepts this change. So should men.

Dating this new guy was easy; twelve years my senior, a high-rank Marine, divorced; and, like me, content with the five kids between us. He loved my increasing waistline and growing butt. Saying, “I like it! It’s growing in all the right places.”

But like any relationship. Things aren’t always sunny with a chance of forever.

To be continue

Aspire to Inspire!

By Dawn Dean
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