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A Journey to Good Health: The Weight

The Weight-Chapter One

I couldn’t wait for the day that I would look like most of the celebrities of Hollywood. Thin with legs stretching from proportioned hips, and buttocks, and plump firm breast; beautiful-visually.

Every year my new year’s resolution was to look like Halle Berry. At one point it was Tyra Banks, then, I moved onto Nicole Murphy-Eddy Murphy’s ex-wife. Nevertheless, it hasn’t happened, as I try to dress my lumpy frame like Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria with an edgy side. To this day, I look nothing look like the lovely women I mentioned; though I am fighting to be the best me. I know now to appreciate me, the small accomplishments, and progress I’ve made over the past few years. I accept that, I will never look like any of them and that’s ok.

To be continued…

Written by Dawn M. Dean

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