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New Year: A New Me

Are you like me? Start a diet, and then stop in the middle of it because you see little results. You desire that small waistline, toned arms and firm behind. But the work to achieve that ideal body shape is hard to stick with over a long period of time. So you give up and start back to eating whatever you want and slowly watch your muffin top rise like a sponge cake. Good! I’m not alone in this fight against the evasion of the muffin top. I hope my sisters struggling with this never ending battle join and support me as I set out to rid myself of the belly of the bulge.
I’ve decided 2017 will be “my year” to be fit and trim. Like I’ve stated in previous post (The Weight), every year I make a new year’s resolution and fail every time. But, as I mature and old age health issues arise. I am more determined than ever to succeed in 2017. So starting now, yes now! Before the New Year hits I will begin to develop new eating habits. I had to wait until after the chow down holidays were over to prepare my mental state for the challenge. Although good health should not never take a back seat to anything. But, I didn’t want to set myself up to fail right out the gate.

You see. I loooove sweets and they love me too. Breaking this relationship off will be the worse breakup in my life. See sweets say very little, other than eat me, they don’t have opinions about what movie we’ll watch or ask if we’re exchanging gifts for Valentine’s day this year. They’re just delicious delights and comforting. Yes! Sweets are down for whatever and I am down with that. Though we do have a love hate moments every now and then, we are in inseparable. But, I am learning, that health is wealth and a lifestyle change is necessary in order to achieve all of my future goals: to strengthen my mind, body and soul.

I’ll start with my own made up plan by fasting and detoxifying my body for 3 days (only fluids). My main target areas are my abs (the blueberry muffin top), arms of flab and buns (aka flat bread), all while strengthening my muscles, increasing cardio for a healthier heart, and making healthier food choices.

Note to self and other’s like me. It didn’t take a year to add on the pounds (more like 20 years), so, I’m going to be realistic and give myself six months to a one year to get to my ideal body size. I am really in search of more energy and calmness. Stay tune and wish me luck (success)!

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Best wishes,
Dawn M. Dean

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