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First Steps

I took a huge step towards my 2017 weight goals- a step backwards. Yes, I cheated, not treated, myself at a New Year’s Eve party (SMH).

I started the three day detoxification of my body after Christmas and have been eating little grains, starch, and no sugary things since. But like I’ve shared in other post, sweets only two words are “EAT ME” in the Little Shop of Horror voice (a movie). And I did.

I ate two slices of caramel and pecan cheesecake, a slice of rum cake and about five rum balls. The sad thing is. I tried to convince myself that there were nutritional benefits in the delicious desserts because of the nuts. But, truthfully I knew the sugar contents and other stuff hugely outweighed the chopped pecans. However, I did also eat some healthy foods: baked chicken, steamed broccoli, crab cakes and shrimp wontons, and washed it down with two bottles of water and a whiskey sour drink (empty calories).

Nevertheless, it’s the first day of 2017 and I have the entire day left and, 364 more days to reach my goal.

Ok. I hear the gym calling me. It’s saying “lose 10 pounds.” Off to the gym I go.

Happy New Year’s Sisters! Aspire to inspire.

By Dawn M. Dean
Founder and Creative Director,
Sisters like Us

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