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Body Wednesday: YouTube Post

Body Wednesday on YouTube

My Workout and take on the yellow fashion trend.

Having nerve problems, diabetes, and maintaining my weight is a task. But one that must be checked off.

My weight fluctuates with the seasons and, these past months, the pandemic, I have blamed my waistline spreading beyond my hips from emotionally eating.

It is no one’s fault except my own, but sometimes, it is easier to blame it on something or someone else. But doing so doesn’t help me or anyone to grow.

Today, on my YouTube channel, sisters like us win I am working out my lower back because extra weight seems to inflame my back and hip nerves, increasing the already daily aches and pains.

In the exercises I perform in this video, I have either learned from physical therapy sessions and or practicing yoga. These positions stretch the back and hip tendons and muscles, easing the nerve pain that runs along my spine and pelvic bone.

I find stretching exercises (next to cardio for the heart and energy levels) to be the best workout for feeling good.

So, moving forward, my goal is to be sure to do some type of workout every day, even if it’s just stretching my body to get and keep the weight off.

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