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Back to School

So many parents’ mothers in particular look forward to their children returning, back to school.

Though shopping for back-to-school clothing and supplies can be daunting. Searching for the best deals, comparing prices and let’s not forget about the long lines. It can truly be taxing.

I, myself; who no longer have to school shop each year (adult kids), loves back to school time.

I had never noticed all the great home items available during this time. After all my attention then was on what my children needs were for school, walking the crowded malls etc. not on home decorations. But now, I shop the large home department stores, looking for the newest designs in décor.

These stores pack their selves with fresh inventory for the home office, and cool stuff for those children heading off to college and more. Not only for back to school, it is also their change of season time, fall. I find this the best time to shop for home decorations, starting in July on through September. However, if you’re looking for a really great time to shop for home accessories deals, and is on a tight budget. Wait until the end of September and thereafter, where items are marked down because the winter season is approaching when they have to make room for newer product (holidays). The only problem with doing so: are low inventory, picked over merchandise and broken or chipped items. But don’t over look broken or chipped items, they may be a great piece for your space and sometimes can be fixed, and are usually significantly discounted.


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