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Don’t call it a comeback…

Wallpaper that is, it’s an alternative way of decorating the walls. Wallpaper has been around for decades, fading in and out with trends. But here recently it has been replacing the same old paint colors. It has so many options to choose from and in multiple style variations and finishes.

At one time, apartment dwellers (unless you owned yours) shied away for putting wallpaper on their apartment walls without permission of the landlord; where in most cases had to be removed upon ending the lease agreement. But, today, companies are offering new and exciting products like decals and removable wall coverings. A renter can now jazz up their naked, white walls with easy removal wallpaper.

These products can be used by homeowners the same. If you, are hesitated to plaster your walls with the more permanent types of paper, in fears you may not like it once applied. Try removable wallpaper first and live with it for awhile before making a commitment. You may just end up liking it.

Written By Dawn M. Dean


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