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One Down…

And so many more to go (shying).

Like I’ve stated before, I’ve got 99 projects and giving up is not one.

Because my attention span can sometimes be short. I’ve hopped from DIY projects to working on my many book and film ideas. Yes. I know by doing this, I really get nothing accomplished. But, I am pleased to announce, I’ve finished this ottoman project (above) and is very happy with the results.

I found this square ottoman at a secondhand store (love other peoples trash), covered in an awful black cotton fabric. The metal legs were in great condition and I saw potential for this rough gem.

Unsure of the direction I wanted to go as far as the fabric covering. But, I knew I wanted to redo the legs in a gold finish.

My initial thought was to gold leaf the legs ($$$), but I decided to go with a more inexpensive way and spray painted the bottom gold (home improvement store).

My color scheme goal for my new living room is black, teal, ivory with gold accents, but, when I stumbled across this pink and gold zebra print upholstery fabric. I had to have it!

It may seem odd to some, when you see the other prints going into the same space (future post). But, I am calling this ottoman, the elephant in the room (my new design concept). It is the center piece, the eye catching point of the room and I am going to love it even more, once everything comes together (future projects and post). See what I did below and leave a comment.

Removed backing and old fabric.

Unveiled the ugly mess underneath the black fabric.

Added new batting to make softer.

Covered with the new gorgeous upholstered zebra print fabric.

Sprayed one full can of fabric protector to avoid staining. (spray in well vented room/outdoors and follow instructions)

Added antique gold nail heads.

I first sand the legs with a soft sand paper. Wiped it down to remove any dust or dirt. Then I primed the surface to help the gold paint to adhere better to the metal finish (read instructions on products before use).

Applied two can of the gold paint. Letting dry between coats. Once completely dried, I applied a clear gloss polyurethane to help protect from nicks and scratches.

Ok sisters. I am checking this one off the list and moving on to the next project. Stay tune for more of my drab to fab home DIYs.

Aspire to Inspire!

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