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Detox and Re-energize

Mind Cloudy?
Is your mental state foggy? More forgetful than usual? Does your body seem to be overly tired and sluggish?

It is normal to forget things from time to time. Like entering a room to get something and forgetting why you went in there. Or trying to beat morning traffic but can’t remember where you placed those car keys.

It’s happened to most of us. But if you feel like you can’t stay focus, concentrate on a single task. You may want to check your eating habits before scheduling that doctor’s appointment.

What you eat
You know that saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, it’s true. If you are putting processed, sugary and salty foods and drinks into your body, junk will come out. Your production (energy levels) will be slow and minimum at best.

Because so much sugar and salt are added to today’s food (for taste), we must cautiously eat. Too much sugar or salt intake can raise glucose and sodium levels. Later plummeting like a skydiver without a parachute; increasing the chance of developing diabetes and a possible stroke.

Look at it this way
Take your car. If you don’t maintain it with gas, oil, and other fluids. It can’t do its job. Say you put sugar in your gas tank. Can you imagine the problems you would have? It can’t burn the sugar because it isn’t designed that way, causing a clogged tank. Processed foods are doing the same to you; clogging your intestines, arteries, and mind.

Seek healthy foods
Our earth is full of a variety of gases to fuel our bodies naturally. God has given us ample resources to survive and keep us moving. The sun, water, air and land produce safe and healthy foods for us to savor.

There are many things to cut corners on health isn’t one. And that old saying, “An apple a day can keep the doctor away.” May just ring true.

Detox your body! Seek healthy foods and drink plenty of water. After all, water is what keeps our planet lush and green. Drink up!

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