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Where’s Me Gold Nuggets?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Are you looking to find your pot of gold at the end a rainbow?

Can you just imagine all the great finds on the other side, as your sliding over the arch, landing in a pot of gold?

As much as I would love to slide from a rainbow into a pot full of silver and gold, I hope to find my jackpot not only filled with monetary things, but to include golden nuggets (lessons) I’ve gathered along the way. Because wisdom is priceless and powerful!

With each situation we come to know ourselves more and more; especially during tough times.
We come to understand their purpose and learn to appreciate the cloudy bad days, as much as the shining rainbow days.

Each mountain we encounter is a tailored obstacle, designed for our own personal growth and needs.

No mountain is too high or too low; too rocky or too jagged. In fact, the higher up (most difficult) we go; overcoming the challenging grips, the stronger we become physically, mentally, and emotionally, building a self-confidence and an I can attitude.

So, I will continue to collect those priceless gems, embracing what my rainbow brings, as well as, the storms.

Aspire to Inspire!

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