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inspiring-dreamsToday, September 20, 2016, marks the official launch day for Sisters like Us (SLU), a blog community of sisterhood.

I’ve been anticipating this day for many years (10+) now. Yes, you read right. For over ten years, I annually paid my renewal fees, to keep and own the domain name:

Originally, I had one ideal for the use of the name, to later changing and modifying this baby into something entirely different.

My goal for SLU is to read more like an online magazine that inspires women to be the best woman they can possibly be, at any age. Here at SLU, you will find everything from home design, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, and so much more.

Sharing my own life experiences, and career expertise’s in home design, health and fitness struggles, as well as, the life stories of great women, I have met along the way and awesome women I hope to meet on this journey.

To be honest, blogging about my personal life is somewhat scary, seeing how private and reserve I am (most of the time). But I’ve put on my amour and is standing on the edge of life, hoping to help someone (women) who may be going through a situation that I’ve survived. Through sharing and giving advice to those in need of help to get through, what can seem impossible while in the storm.

Welcome Sisters!

Dawn M. Dean

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Don’t call it a comeback…

Wallpaper that is, it’s an alternative way of decorating the walls. Wallpaper has been around for decades, fading in and out with trends. But here recently it has been replacing the same old paint colors. It has so many options to choose from and in multiple style variations and finishes.

At one time, apartment dwellers (unless you owned yours) shied away for putting wallpaper on their apartment walls without permission of the landlord; where in most cases had to be removed upon ending the lease agreement. But, today, companies are offering new and exciting products like decals and removable wall coverings. A renter can now jazz up their naked, white walls with easy removal wallpaper.

These products can be used by homeowners the same. If you, are hesitated to plaster your walls with the more permanent types of paper, in fears you may not like it once applied. Try removable wallpaper first and live with it for awhile before making a commitment. You may just end up liking it.

Written By Dawn M. Dean


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Back to School

So many parents’ mothers in particular look forward to their children returning, back to school.

Though shopping for back-to-school clothing and supplies can be daunting. Searching for the best deals, comparing prices and let’s not forget about the long lines. It can truly be taxing.

I, myself; who no longer have to school shop each year (adult kids), loves back to school time.

I had never noticed all the great home items available during this time. After all my attention then was on what my children needs were for school, walking the crowded malls etc. not on home decorations. But now, I shop the large home department stores, looking for the newest designs in décor.

These stores pack their selves with fresh inventory for the home office, and cool stuff for those children heading off to college and more. Not only for back to school, it is also their change of season time, fall. I find this the best time to shop for home decorations, starting in July on through September. However, if you’re looking for a really great time to shop for home accessories deals, and is on a tight budget. Wait until the end of September and thereafter, where items are marked down because the winter season is approaching when they have to make room for newer product (holidays). The only problem with doing so: are low inventory, picked over merchandise and broken or chipped items. But don’t over look broken or chipped items, they may be a great piece for your space and sometimes can be fixed, and are usually significantly discounted.


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Royal Faces by Kay

Royal Faces wouldn’t be what is is today if that Bare Minerals consultant had not applied way too much makeup on my face!  My name is Mikayla Osei I’ve been enhancing beauty for the last three years. I’ve always loved the fashion and beauty industry. I started by practicing on myself and then got the courage to practice on others. I first begun with family and friends first untiOptimized-downloadl I felt brave enough to apply makeup for client events. Before hand, I started by attending a lot of celebrity makeup artist classes and got the training I needed to go out on my own. I was confident after the first couple classes and booked my first wedding. The experience was surreal seeing my client face light up and how beautiful they looked on her special day.  It brought me joy and gave me the encouragement to continue to put smiles on my client faces. Weather it be for a graduation, a birthday party, or wedding. I love what I do, and hope to continue to put smiles on my client faces.

You can see more of my work at

Or contact me at

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Meet Angie Lee Fitness and Health Trainer

Who is Angie Lee?

Have you heard? Health is the new Wealth! It is true. Without good health, dreams can be difficult to make possible. And I, know this all too well from living with an illness (fibromyalgia) for over 20+ years.

Angie Lee, who lives in the Northern Virginia area (DMV) is a wife and mother first, with one of her children living with autism. Because of this she knows and understands the importance of good health and the possibilities of it. Secondly, she is a passionate, health and fitness trainer who whips women into their idea shape; helping them to reach their weight goals.

Sister’s like Us (SLU) caught up with Angie Lee, where she took the time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

SLU: With fall weather fast approaching and soon holidays. Can you give some tips on how to stay fit during the fall and winter months?

AL: Always eat breakfast! Breakfast is fuel for the mind as well as the body! If you don’t eat breakfast, you will most likely overeat later on in the day.

SLU: What foods are best to shy away from or completely avoid and why?

AL: I know this is hard to hear, but fried foods. I know it’s hard to go cold turkey (literally and figuratively) she giggles, but at least try to cut back on the fried foods. Any effort is better than no effort.

SLU: What are some healthier options?

AL: Instead of frying your fries. Put them on a pan and bake them, Leave them in long enough so they will be crispy; even better, try sweet potatoes. Also, invest in an indoor stovetop grill where you can grill fish, chicken and, veggies. Add spices for flavor like: cinnamon, thyme, rosemary; ginger. They’re so many options!

SLU: What area (s) should most women focus on and why?

AL: I know this is easier said than done, but most women need to love themselves everyday as they are now. Once you get the mental down the physical part will follow. Take at least 10 minutes a day to focus on you. I am working on some ten minute workouts that you can do daily, and at any time of day. Get it in when you can!

SLU: The question every woman wants to know. What is the best exercise or health food to burn belly fat? Possible photo

AL: Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! It doesn’t have to be extreme cardio you could just go walking daily, and being consistent. Start somewhere—anywhere! Because in order to see the muscle; you have to burn the fat first.

SLU: What benefits are there in walking? And for how long of a walk?

AL: Walking is great, and it is free. You need no equipment, just a good pair of shoes and can be done anywhere. I would say ideally, 30 minutes a day, but any minutes are better than no minutes. You can walk in place in your house, put on some music, and make it fun! Watch yourself in the mirror for proper formation, and sing along to music. I’m all about the fun!

SLU: What are the pros and cons of running?

AL: Running is an awesome anti-depressant. It releases the “happy hormones,” endorphins. It also, burns a ton of calories quickly. However, it is can be hard on the joints in the legs, and knees, with a greater risk of injury. Always wear good running shoes, and listen to your body. It will talk to you!

SLU: Can you really lose weight dieting? If so how?

AL: I don’t like diets! They make you feel deprived. Or they work while you’re on them, then you go back to bad habits. Fitness is a lifestyle! If someone says you can’t have it, you will just want it more! Eat everything in moderation, and in appropriate portions.

SLU: How can a sister get in contact with you?

AL: I can be reached at:

Also my website has links to all my contact info.


Thanks Angie Lee for sharing your expertise’s with SLU!

Thank you, and be your best you!


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Real Talk

I never thought I’d….What?

I, personally never asked for many of the things that have happened in my life to happen.(most folks don’t) But one thing’s for sure, I never thought, I’d make it through many of those life lessons, I now call them. For insist, becoming ill in my thirties and being a single parent taking caring for three children. I was a stay at home wife and mother in my early twenties, until it happened-the spilt.

The health issues started with my second child, but after the separation, I could no longer be a stay at home mom, and really could not afford to be sickly either. So I pushed on for many years, only to a dead end and back home-Fibromyalgia they call it. To me it’s just a lot of all over body pain that brings on daily tears and depression. Pain so bad at one point, I could not hug my own children because my skin hurt so badly at touch.

Nevertheless, I never thought I’d write or publish a book (The Paths of Life, through the Eyes of Dawn) around the discomfort of each day. I still live with this debilitating illness, but is fighting and searching for answers to put an end to the madness. And though writing a book had always been on my life of things to do list. I never thought my illness would allow me to do so and be the topic of discussion.

Written By Dawn M. Dean

Share your story at

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Daily Addictions

Daily Addictions

Standing in line to purchase a hot toffee coffee,

I am embraced by Congo’s drumming from above.

Upon placing my order,

I notice how many others,

stand in the long line,


to place their own order

of high priced

cup of cappuccino,

Chi with milk,

Café mocha;

French vanilla

Sounds of coffee pots cling

adding a charm to the Congo’s rhythmic pound

Cappuccino machines adds to the blend,

while musical notes bounce off the sunshine walls.

A cloud of aroma fills the packed air,

soothing those waiting

“Toffee coffee”, the brilliant caffeine maker yells,

bringing me to wrap my cool hands around the sleeved cup,

sending my tongue into a frenzy-


By Dawn M Dean (From: The Paths of Life, through the eyes of Dawn)

© All rights Reserved

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The Entrepreneur Giving Back

The Entrepreneur Giving Back
The Entrepreneur Giving Back

You may not have heard of Miora Evasoa, the entrepreneur giving back to her community of Madagascar (yes there is such a place), but you will. Miora, have had dreams of owning her own business as a little girl and coming to America has allowed her to dream big. With her beautifully handmade crafted handbags, hats and clothing. Miora is able to help those back in her home town of Madagascar where the raffia palm tree grows and is harvested by hand for the locals to craft goods to export.

Miora Evasoa

Entrepreneur and Humanitarian


Miora has two passions, entrepreneurship and helping others.  Born and raised in Madagascar, she started her first business at age of 13.  She sold snacks at a table in town to help support her family.  She later earned a double major in marketing and tourism from the University of Antananativo.

Miora moved to the United States in 2014 with the goal of starting her own business.  After earning a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Northern Virginia Community college, she launched Best of Madagascar, LLC.  Best of Madagascar gives America (and the rest of the World) the opportunity to buy high-quality, fair trade handcrafts, clothing, and other goods from Madagascar.  According to Miora, “My dream has always been to own my own business, but my passion has always been to help others.  Best of Madagascar lets me accomplish both.”

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A Journey to Good Health: The Weight

The Weight-Chapter One

I couldn’t wait for the day that I would look like most of the celebrities of Hollywood. Thin with legs stretching from proportioned hips, and buttocks, and plump firm breast; beautiful-visually.

Every year my new year’s resolution was to look like Halle Berry. At one point it was Tyra Banks, then, I moved onto Nicole Murphy-Eddy Murphy’s ex-wife. Nevertheless, it hasn’t happened, as I try to dress my lumpy frame like Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria with an edgy side. To this day, I look nothing look like the lovely women I mentioned; though I am fighting to be the best me. I know now to appreciate me, the small accomplishments, and progress I’ve made over the past few years. I accept that, I will never look like any of them and that’s ok.

To be continued…

Written by Dawn M. Dean