About Us

Hey BIG sis, little sis: sisters from another mother. Welcome to our spot!

Sisters like Us (SLUWIN) curated by Dawn Dean, a survivor who once succumbed to health and life circumstances while conforming to what society deemed her to be.

A poet at heart, who has always enjoyed helping others working as a manager in women apparel and home design stores, her health would force her to depend solely on her creative imagination.

Due to debilitating health issues, Dawn would switch her career goals in interior design to utilizing her passion for writing.

Still wanting to build women’s confidence, style, and cozy spaces, Dawn would create sisters like us where she could teach and inspire women (others) to win despite adversity.

“This creative platform is where winning minds are turning the page’s on adversity.” -Dawn Dean

On sisters like us (win) platforms, Dawn uses life to write content that encourages us-women to create the life we desire and deserve to live.

“This isn’t a place for the scared and close-minded. No, it is the spot for those with a vision and desire to explore and experience the possibilities.” -Dawn Dean

Thank you for coming to our spot!

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